Cultural Exercise

Physical exercise is important for your overall health and stress management.  How about adding a special twist and focusing on cultural exercise opportunities, such as: Tai Chi, Hip Hop to highlight the cultural pride in exercising.


Cultural Exercise strategy is based on the Bicultural Healthy Living approach, which emphasizes on cultural pride and parent involvement as motivations for youth to be proud of themselves, and participate/exercise more through cultural exercise options.  For example, Asian dances, by wearing beautiful costume, 
listening to traditional music, stepping into ancient footsteps, it gives youth a sense of self-esteem, and cultural identity other sports may not offer, along with strong parents’ 
support in preserving the cultural traditions, they are willing to provide resources and transportation to encourage the youth to participate at Asian dances.  Such strategy not only supports the mission of BALL, but also supports White House Initiative’s Let’s Move!: empowering parents, improving access to healthy foods, and increasing 
physical activity.