Passing the BALL we are in this together

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Campaign Materials

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A Message from Asian Media Access’ STEP-UP Youth: Obesity, Does it Have an Affect on the Youth?

During our first week of internship at AMA, the topic of obesity was our theme. The topic of Obesity is a relevant one, because not only does it correspond with next weeks topic (Bicultural Active Living Lifestyle); it also affects the daily lives of youth. Obesity in America affects 1 in 5 people and the trend is most prevalent in lower income and urban areas. We have three teams (Graphic Arts, Video & Administrative) which address the weekly themes. The Administrative Team decided to do face-to-face interviews, one boy and one girl, from each team.

When interviewing interns, we asked if any of them knew anyone who had or does suffer with obesity, all of them said they had. They answered with family members and friends, and as a follow-up question to them knowing people with obesity I asked, “what are your opinions on the subject?” Tremaine from the Graphic Arts team said, “I view obesity as a problem within both the American culture and Worldwide” he continued saying,“it’s a topic that definitely requires a lot more thought within the food industry in order to combat obesity. So that people can live long healthy lives without health risks.” I asked if they could give me insights on some of the solutions they came up with and they all gave me similar answers saying that there needs to be either tax on fatty foods or they need to make fattening foods more expensive and healthy foods should be more healthier.

Next, I gave them the statistics on obesity worldwide, out of 7.3 billion people 1 in 13 people are obese, I asked if they ever thought of healthy living. The answer that caught my eye was Valerie’s, she answered, “No, because I have never put that much thought into the weight of what I consumed”, and that seems to be the most case with people they don’t notice or if they do they just try unhealthy ways of slimming down that don’t usually work because it’s just a fad diet. Which oftentimes lead to a grueling cycle of unsuccess.

After conducting the interviews I would have to say that youth especially should pay more attention to topics such as obesity because it tends to affect them the most.

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July BALL Announcements:


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1. A great start with summer internship at AMA’s Xi Ling Urban Complex

32 youth have joined Asian Media Access this summer to have intensive multimedia training and work experience to create peer-to-peer educational materials for the Bicultural Active Living Lifestyle (BALL) Campaign. Youth are learning Graphic Design, Video Production, and Rapping to advance the BALL initiative. Youth have already produced some issue based postcards and posters to support their peers, to seek a balanced and resilience lifestyle through a bicultural lens. They have also produced their 1st eNewsletter, featuring youth views about OBESITY. Check it out:[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][image src=”3560″ alt=”A great start with summer internship at AMA’s Xi Ling Urban Complex” href=”” title=”A great start with summer internship at AMA’s Xi Ling Urban Complex” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][vc_separator color=”custom” accent_color=”#4f6a35″]

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2. AMA’s BALL Campaign Received High Remarks

Since 2015, Asian Media Access (AMA) has been promoting the “Bicultural Active Living Lifestyle” (BALL) Campaign. The campaign has utilized a Guerrilla Marketing approach, heavily reliant on street arts and “Surprising” elements such as; youth stencil arts, rap songs and hip hop dances to spread the messages. AMA youth have actively engaged in creating and choreographing to express bicultural messages. Asian Media Access has utilized the following creative ways to engage with area neighbors in promotion of BALL messages:

• Art Collages
• Rap and Hip Hop Dances with Social Messages
• Sidewalk Stencils
• Pop-Up Photo Booth with an Attitude
• Neighborhood Survey Sticky Notes on the Asian Media Access Van
• Storybird Poetry – Web-based Postcard
• Video/Radio Interviews

Although street art was once associated with gang culture, it also has a strong current of activism and subversion in urban art. There is a calling to incorporate these elements into today’s youth activities, so youth can be effectively reached in their own communication styles. It takes the modus of Survival that exists on the Street (the aggressive, capitalist nature) merged with the ideas of Community (crew and posse code ethics), the use of painting, music, and dance as functional items to communicate (graffiti, hip hop, breakdancing respectively), in order to create a channel to give actual words to the cries of the youth. More importantly, it is through these social engagements that youth are empowered with critical thinking and analytical skills, and the communities have opportunities to learn about the Bicultural Healthy Living concepts. Additionally, AMA has been providing training throughout town about our innovative Community Engagement methods. Using a nontraditional approach to data collection as well, AMA worked with diverse community groups to gather cultural perspectives on the health disparities in Minnesota utilizing diverse arts tools.

The last training we have done in April, for the Minnesota Department of Health, was titled “Bicultural Healthy Living”. AMA’s training supports the participants to learn about new approaches to data collection and community engagement through arts activities, and to understand how to analyze the qualitative data from community members’ arts works and gain insights about limited English proficiency members’ perspectives. Check these exciting new approaches to community education and engagement with a bicultural lens, at our website –[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][image src=”3561″ alt=”AMA’s BALL Campaign Received High Remarks” href=”” title=”AMA’s BALL Campaign Received High Remarks” info_content=”” lightbox_caption=”” id=”” class=”” style=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]