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Campaign Materials

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Tales From the Garden #19

Hispanic Bicultural Healthy Living
By Maya Park

The fourth article in our series looking at the importance of culture when it comes to health care from the lens of the Somali, Hmong, African-American, Hispanic, and Native cultures, focuses on the Hispanic culture, the largest and fastest growing minority population in the US, in our efforts to further inform our current medical practice. In every culture thus far, it is clear how important it is to understand how social, structural, psychological, and cultural factors affect physical health and being sensitive to these factors…Continue Reading

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BALL Announcements

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1. Successful Fall-Winter Outreach Activities

Excerpt from the Minneapolis Health Department’s quarterly update newsletter – Health in the City, summer 2016

For the past 5 months, BALL has hosted many successful events that leave long impression for Northside residents with cross-cultural healthy living ideas. BALL has teamed up with the City of Minneapolis’ Health Department, Park and Rec, and Police Department to offer community events along with the presentation of “Bicultural Healy Living” information throughout the Fall/Winter, especially during ethnic holiday celebrations.

a. A Successful “WATER” Performance at the State Fair at August 29, 2016.

At a beautiful Mon Morning, AMA has joined many others to celebrate the WATER at the MN State Fair. Teamed up with Minneapolis Park and Rec, and National Park Services, AMA has pushed the Green Prescription idea to the maximum with the newly created dance drama – WATER. The show opened with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of National Parks, and Mississippi River National Park in Minneapolis is one of only a handful of urban national parks.

Our dance drama opened with “WATER” theme, along a story line portraying how water in all different forms (rain, river, ocean, etc.) and nurtures diverse lands in MN that many Asians call HOME (presenting Dai, Miao, Yi and Thai ethnicities). The dance drama ended with a strong group ribbon dance that Asians using ribbon to portray the waving water symbolizing the good health and wealth and how WATER fosters harmony between humans and nature.

b. A successful Kpop Festival at Sept. 17th, 2016.

With more than 1500 people crowded the University of MN’s Northrop lobby, AMA has once again successfully shared our Bicultural Active Living Lifestyle (BALL) Campaign with diverse audiences, mostly under 30s – a crowd that fascinating with Korean Pop culture. Additionally, AMA dance team Zephonix has won the 3rd place that night, and demonstrated how we can effectively use cultural exercise as a tool to support the Asian American youth.

Besides, performance, outside the auditorium AMA has successfully designed a series of education materials to launch the public awareness campaign about (BALL).

c. Hmong New Year Celebrations from Oct – Dec at Minneapolis and St. Paul, even in Wausau, WI

AMA Dance Team has successfully performed Asian Dances and Hip Hop dances throughout the diverse New Year celebrations among the Hmong American communities to promote cultural exercises, and green prescription ideas.

d. X’mas Health Fair at Dec. 10th, 2016

Led by Asian Media Access, along with all partners from Multi Cultural Community Alliance (MCCA), we have successfully host a Community Health Fair at the Hmong International Academy.

With more than 300+ immigrant/refugee, and low income families, came in to learn about the Bicultural Healthy Living practices, along with other health access resources.

Collaborated with Minneapolis Health and Police Departments, and Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, 4 police officers have joined the Fair to pass out the holiday gifts to needed families. Crowded at the Gym, MCCA partners have been very busy to share information, and helped the families to pick up the language-appropriated health information. Everyone had a great time to enjoy the holidays’ atmosphere, along with better connection with Bicultural Healthy Living concepts.

e. Chinese New Year Celebrations around town from Jan – Feb, 2017

Throughout the various events, the highlight came at Feb 4th Science Museum – Asian Fusion Day, where we combine Asian Health Beliefs along with diverse Asian performance skits to highlight the importance of integration of Western and Eastern Healthy Living practices together.

Our 2 hour presentation has drew diverse interests for the Cultural Exercise and Green/Park Prescription concepts, people picked up brochures, asked questions, but most importantly – the appreciation of Bicultural Healthy Living, and how to foster harmony between East and West health philosophies.

f. Adding Additional Cultural Exercises in the new year 2017 for the Northside Community

Asian Media Access has added Japanese Dance, Korean Pop Dance, and Thai Boxing to our BALL cultural Exercise selections, please check out these beautiful practice photos.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text title=”” disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″ animation=”” el_class=”ball-cam”]

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2. Interactive Mapping Update!

As previously highlighted in our BALL eNewsletter, we have developed, in partnership with CURA, an interactive map for North Minneapolis. While we are STILL in the process of adding additional layers to our map, we thought it would be nice to provide further details on the purpose and functionality of the map as is and as it will be.

Currently, our map has the following layers and functionality:

Boundaries: North Minneapolis

Data from: American Community Survey (ACS) – U.S. Census Bureau

Resources: Food, Organizations, Places of Interest, Health and Wellness, Emergency Services, and Misc. Services and Shops

With this, you can highlight various areas of North Minneapolis, view demographic data and overlay resources. Our intended purpose is to provide a tool to the community that can be used to visualize resource disparities. For example; food deserts or lack of dental care. As it is, this is a powerful tool that has useful applications for everyone from community through to government. But we aren’t stopping there.

In the near future, we will be adding an additional set of Transportation data which will provide further options for the community to visualize data. We aim to include Metro Transit, Bicycle Paths, and Walk to School routes, which should be of great use to those who rely on alternate modes of transportation and to those who are involved in the planning of infrastructure related to these methods of transportation.

As usual, please stay in touch! AND, if you have any feedback on the current iteration of our Interactive Map, feature requests, etc, we would love to hear from you about this!
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3. Generation Z Project at Northrup Feb 11th

Join us for the Generation Z Project, a stunning event featuring artist under 30 years old, as it presents different manifestations of the Hip Hop culture: Rap Music, DJing, Break Dancing, Graffiti Art, and Fashion.

Don’t miss this fun event to showcase the Next Big Thing in the Twin Cities, February 11, 2017, University of Minnesota’s Northrop Auditorium. Generation Z Project #GenZProject presents

hosted by Quinn Villagomez
Featured designers Sinéad Odessa Kelly | Vanessa Donnelly | Ayah Ahmed | Winta Mengsteab | MiMi Pie | Lauren Payton

DJ Mickey Breeze’s featuring Willy ARQ Music | Karah | Avery | Victoria Rap w/ performances by 12 artist as it presents different manifestations of the hip-hop culture
Student Tickets | $13
General Admission | $23
Lower Level | $30
VIP | $60

#ZRunway #TalentZ #HowtoLiveTheMarathon #Sweet16MickeyBreeze #designedbyhouseofnguyen #poweredbyroyalkrew #GenZProject

Click here for more information[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image source=”external_link” external_img_size=”600×400″ alignment=”center” custom_src=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]